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Lab Fume Hood Anticorrosion Rust-proof And Durable
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Lab Fume Hood Anticorrosion Rust-proof And Durable

Xunling produces various types of lab fume hoods to meet every lab room cleaning requirements.These lab fume hoods protect lab staff from harmful fumes, vapors and particulates. Anticorrosion and durable. Manufactured to SEFA standards.

  • GS02

  • Xunling

  • galvanized steel fume hood

GS1200 Lab Fume Hood Price:
GS1500 Lab Fume Hood Price:
GS1800 Lab Fume Hood Price:
Customized Size:

Lab Fume Hood Anticorrosion Rust-proof And Durable

Lab fume hood is one of the most important safety devices in the laboratory. It is an effective local ventilation method, and the proper selection, installation, operation and maintenance is able to keep its operators and other personnel in the laboratory away from the injury caused by chemical reagents and toxic substances. At the same time, it can provide you with appropriate protection in case of fire or explosion. It is widely applicable to various industrial sectors such as electronics, defense, precision instruments, instruments, pharmaceuticals, chemical agriculture, biology etc. and various scientific laboratories, and the performance on improving process conditions is good.

Lab Fume Hood Standard Dimension

Model Standard Dimensions Width*Depth*Height mm Reference photo


With Lower Cupboards

1200*850*2350 mm lab fume hood with lower cupboards


With Lower Cupboards

1500*850*2350 mm


With Lower Cupboards

1800*850*2350 mm



1200*850*1500 mm lab fume hood benchtop



1500*850*1500 mm



1800*850*1500 mm



1200*850*2350 mm lab fume hood walk in



1500*850*2350 mm 



1800*850*2350 mm

Lab fume hood detailed description

lab fume hood detailed description    

1. Lower hood

2. Door panel of lower hood

3. Glass door and PP handle (5mm thick tempered glass embedded)

4. Table top (optional)

5. PP small cup and single-outlet water tap (optional)

6. Guide plate (with exhaust guiding hole)

7. Fixed small view window (5mm thick tempered glass embedded)

8. Front steel plate (LOGO is customized)

9. Exhaust port of fume hood (diameter of 250mm)

10. The vertically lifting/lowering tempered rope and pulley assembly of glass door.

11. Circuit breaker shall be additionally provided (PP plastic protective casing)

12. LCD control panel (power, fan, lighting, damper +, damper -, standby, confirm, set)

13. Functional device reserved hole (round hole with diameter of 42mm)

14. Maintenance plate (plastic)

15. (10A)Socket (5-hole 10A)

Galvanized steel Desktop Fume Hood Installation

Galvanized Steel Lab Fume Hood Walk in Type Installation