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  • Tap Water Vs Bottled Water


    In our society, you can get water from many sources; tap water, bottled water, collected rainwater and even well water.In our society, you can get water from many sources; tap water, bottled water, collected rainwater and even well water. Most people choose the water source that best suits their nee Read More

  • Types and Mechanisms of Lab Tap


    A tap (also spigot or faucet: see usage variations) is a valve controlling the release of a liquid or gas.NomenclatureUnited Kingdom• In the UK and most of the Commonwealth of Nations, taps are used for any everyday type of valve, especially for fittings controlling the water supply to baths and sin Read More

  • Portable sink for science lab


    Chemical Resistant Portable PP Lab SinkLaboratory sinks are designed for laboratory or clinical environments where potentially corrosive materials need to be drained down the drain. These sinks are made of HDPE or stainless steel to withstand corrosion or chemical reactions. Read More

  • Filtered Storage Cabinets For Toxic Odorous Volatile Chemical Containers


    It is common practice to store toxic volatile chemicals in a laboratory fume hood. While this provides safe storage, the fume hood must be operated continuously, resulting in a constant loss of conditioned air in the building. Typically, bottles containing highly toxic chemicals are small in number. Read More

  • Use of laboratory wastewater treatment equipment


    Laboratory wastewater treatment equipmentThe comprehensive wastewater treatment system of Zhonghuan Qingyuan Laboratory consists of wastewater collection, automatic acid-base regulation device. Read More

  • Necessary knowledge of laboratory wastewater treatment equipment


    Working principle of laboratory wastewater treatment equipmentThe laboratory wastewater treatment equipment mainly uses coagulation, sedimentation, oxidation and efficient sterilization to remove and kill bacteria, heavy metals, COD, viruses, etc. Read More

  • What is centrifugal fan?


    Centrifugal fans' features1. The latter is more complicated to install;2. The former is often installed at the inlet and outlet of air-conditioning units, boiler drums, induced draft fans, etc. Read More

  • Clean Bench's Basic knowledge


    Ultra clean worktable is a one-way flow type air purification equipment that provides a local dust-free and sterile working environment. It is widely applicable to the scientific research and production departments that need local clean and sterile working environment. Read More

  • Use method of super clean workbench - part 2


    The service life of the super cleaning table is related to the cleanliness of the air. In temperate regions, the super cleaning table can be used in general laboratories. Read More

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