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  • How to make a better filtration system


    At the heart of ductless fume hood, workstation or enclosure is a gas phase filtration system constructed with prefilters and main carbon and/or HEPA filters. Prefilters are installed at the inlets of every filtration system to remove gross material from the air stream and prevent main filter clogging. Read More

  • What's the best filter materials for ductless fume hood?


    In the ductless ventilation equipment (Ductless fume hood​, Filtered Storage Cabinet, PCR Workstations, Laminar Flow Hoods, Biosafety Cabinets etc), the filter is undoubtedly the most critical core part. Read More

  • How to install a gimbal hood?


    The universal extraction hood​ is mainly used to rapidly discharge small-scale dust, hot gas, volatile gas, harmful gas and other small granular aerosols or gases generated in the experiment or production process. Read More

  • Classification of exhaust hoods


    At work, in the face of dust and poison, the most commonly used occupational disease hazard protection facility is the exhaust hood. It can effectively absorb and treat the dust poison on the job site, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the concentration of pollutants in the air. Read More

  • Classification and design principles of local exhaust hoods


    According to different principles and methods, local exhaust hoods are mainly divided into three basic types: closed exhaust hoods, receiving exhaust hoods and external exhaust hoods. Most exhaust hoods can be classified according to this. Read More

  • Are fume hoods for laboratory use?


    The extraction hood is mainly used in laboratories and places where chemical waste gas is generated. The extraction hood is a high temperature, acid and alkali corrosion resistant waste gas extraction device made of PP material big. Read More

  • Features of the suction arm


    The suction arm is a special suction arm for engineering - a special suction arm for a system - a special suction arm for equipment. It is suitable for welding fume, waste gas, dust, oil mist, oil fume generated in machinery, food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronics, automobiles and other industries. Read More

  • What are suction arms


    The suction arm​ is a suction device used at the end of the welding fume and dust treatment extraction. It is mainly to facilitate the capture of welding fume and dust. The suction arm can hover in the air and can hover freely in the air at 360°. Read More

  • Laboratory ventilation design and air volume calculation


    A good fume hood, structure and exhaust must ensure that the diffusion of harmful gases can be effectively captured and blocked, so as to ensure that operators are protected from harmful substances. Read More

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