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Filtered Storage Cabinets
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Filtered Storage Cabinet Applicaion

Our Filtered Storage Cabinets are designed to store noxious or odorous chemicals, including volatile acid, alkali, flammable chemicals, and other hazardous or corrosive chemicals.

Filtered Storage Cabinet Features

1: Purify toxic and harmful gases in the cabinet

Each cabinet is integrated with a powerful filtering system, it can adsorb acidic gases and organic gases. For particles larger than 0.3um, the filtration efficiency can reach 99.995%.

2: Real-time monitor and alarm system

This product is equipped with double filters and double VOC probes, one probe monitors indoor air quality, the other probe monitors filter saturation, if any air contamination is detected, or filters working abnormal, there will be visible and audible alarm.   

3: Smart display system

The LCD display shows Temperature,Humidity, and Fan Speed.

You can adjust fan's rotational speed to meet different filtering needs.

4: Data Recorded

Stored Chemicals name, qty, and other info can be saved in the software, these data will be synchronized to the cloud saver.

All the history monitor data and alarm records will be kept.