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Filtered Storage Cabinets For Flammable Volatile Chemicals
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Filtered Storage Cabinets For Flammable Volatile Chemicals

These Flammable Filtered Storage Cabinets are used to store noxious or odorous chemicals, also with acid and alkali resistance.
  • Filtered storage cabinets Flammable Type

flammable solvent cabinet Materials

1: Main Structure 

≥2mm galvanized steel,the internal and external surfaces were pickled by phosphating, epoxy powder spraying and heat curing.

2: Cabinet inner liner (upper, lower, left and right lining boards) are all made of porcelain white PP (polypropylene resin) board.

The bottom right side of the cabinet is equipped with 304 adjustable air inlet, stainless steel adjustable air valve; There is a landfill cavity (drain tank) at cabinet bottom that can store yellow sand no less than 120mm thick, which is used for burying metal sodium, yellow phosphorus (white phosphorus) and other flammable items.

3: Inside there are Three layers of stepped type pp resin movable shelves, corrosion-resistant. Cabinet body is filled with fire protection material ceramic fiber with heat preservation and heat insulation effect, light weight, high temperature resistance, excellent thermal stability, environment friendly.

When the temperature is 180℃, the sealing strip expands partially, when the temperature reaches 800℃, the sealing strip is fully expanded with the expansion ratio of 1:5, to ensure the safety of stored chemicals.

Flammable Filtered Storage Cabinets Standard Spec

Overall Size W*D*H (mm)900*510*1910
Shelf3 Shelves
Shelf Bearing>70kg/㎡
Cabinet Volume0.5 m³
Treated-air Delivery200m³/h
Noise Level40dBA
PrefilterPolyurethan prefilter or Activated charcoal
Control Sys7″LCD touch screen

Monitoring & Alarming Sys

Temperature, Humidity, Filter Loading 

Molecular Filters


(For Organic,Inorganic,Formaldehyde,Ammonia,HEPA etc. Based on the chemicals need to filter)