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Ducted Lab Fume Hoods Galvanized Steel Type
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Ducted Lab Fume Hoods Galvanized Steel Type

These ducted lab fume hoods are galvanized steel materials, come with standing type, bench-top type, and walk-in type. Also with various colors. The dimension and color can be customized. Xunling laboratory fume hoods are manufactured to SEFA standards.
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GS1200 Lab Fume Hood Price:
GS1500 Lab Fume Hood Price:
GS1800 Lab Fume Hood Price:
Customized Size:

chemical exhaust hood Standard Dimension

Model Standard Dimensions Width*Depth*Height mm Standard Dimensions
Width*Depth*Height Inch 
GS1200 1200*850*2350 mm 47.2″*33.5″*92.5″ Galvanized steel fume hood standing
GS1500 1500*850*2350 mm 59.1″*33.5″*92.5″
GS1800 1800*850*2350 mm 70.9″*33.5″*92.5″
GB1200 1200*850*1500 mm 47.2″*33.5″59.1″ Galvanized steel fume hood benchtop
GB1500 1500*850*1500 mm 59.1″*33.5″59.1″
GB1800 1800*850*1500 mm 70.9″*33.5″59.1″
GW1200 1200*850*2350 mm 47.2″*33.5″*92.5″ Galvanized steel fume hood standing walk in
GW1500 1500*850*2350 mm  59.1″*33.5″*92.5″
GW1800 1800*850*2350 mm 70.9″*33.5″*92.5″

countertop fume hood Standard Configurations

Input Volts / Frenquency 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Blue, Grey, White Or Customized
Face Velocity 0.4m/sec~0.6 m/sec
Noise Below 65dB on Fully Running
Cabinet Body

1.0mm thick galvanized steel plate, Coated with epoxy resin powder,High temperature cured

Lining board & Guide plate 5mm thick solid core phenolic compact laminate
Sliding Sash Window Vertical Sash, 5mm thick explosion-proof tempered glass, Four sides PP clip sealed, Free lifting, Arbitrary stay 
Worksurface Phenolic Resin Worktops, PP(polypropylene) or Stainless steel
Lighting 30W LED lamp, Waterproof, Anti-corrosion, Anti-oxidation
Control Panel Power supply, Setting, Confirmation, Lighting, Spare, Fan +\-, air valve
Power Sockets  4 pcs of 10A Five-holes multi-function sockets
Optional Accessories Water Tap, Sink, Gas Cock, PP fan / Blower


Galvanized Steel Lab Fume Hood

Galvanized Steel Lab Fume Hood Upper Cabinet Installation