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Biosafety Cabinets Class II Type A2 Microbiological Safety Tissue Culture Hoods NSF And EN12469 Certified
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Biosafety Cabinets Class II Type A2 Microbiological Safety Tissue Culture Hoods NSF And EN12469 Certified

Our class II type A2 biosafety cabinets conform to NSF49, and EN12469 standards, and have obtained SFDA medical device registration certificate. The Airflow mode: 30% discharge, and 70% internal circulation.
  • Class II Type A2

  • Xunling

  • BSCA2


Biosafety Cabinets Class II Type A2 Microbiological Safety Tissue Culture Hoods NSF Certified

Biosafety Cabinet Class 2 a2 Product Features 

  1.  The outer box body is made of the high-quality cold-rolled steel plate and electrostatic spray plastic; the three sides of the operation area are made of stainless steel integrated structure, and the inner parts that can be cleaned are made of 10 mm large fillet for easy cleaning.

  2. Two ULPA ultra-high efficiency filters are equipped as standard, which can achieve 99.999% closure efficiency for a 0.12 μ m particle system. The filter membrane is made of non-barrier borosilicate glass fiber.

  3. The LCD screen can display the system parameters such as the working area temperature, air flow rate, and service life of the filter membrane, and can adjust the parameter settings. The blue screen digital indicates the parameter values, and the password modification program settings to prevent misoperation. The control software system is independently developed and has obtained the national software copyright certificate. 

  4. Unique negative pressure leak proof design, the work area surrounded by negative pressure, truly achieve zero leakage, to ensure the cleanliness of the operation area.

  5. The fan is equipped with a voltage fluctuation compensation function and resistance induction compensation function, effectively extending the service life of an ultra-high efficiency filter.

  6. The front window integrated sliding door can be positioned arbitrarily, and can be completely closed for sterilization. The front window glass door shall be made of safety toughened glass with a thickness of no less than 6mm.

  7. With UV appointment timing function.

  8. 10-degree tilt design, more in line with ergonomic power, making the operator more comfortable.

Biosafety Cabinet Class II A2 Supplier- Xunling

Biosafety Cabinet Class 2 type a2 Safety Features

  1. A high-sensitivity and high-precision breeze speed sensor is equipped at the working area and the external air outlet to detect the wind speed in real time.

  2. Temperature sensor: it can detect and display the temperature in real time.

  3. Equipped with filter pre failure, damage and blocking alarm technology, equipped with fan overload alarm prompt.

  4. Equipped with height limit alarm device, when the mobile glass door exceeds the specified height limit (200mm), the user will be alerted by sound and light.

  5. It is equipped with a working window-opening limit alarm system. When the opening height of the front window of the safety cabinet exceeds the set height, when the flow velocity of the down airflow and the flow velocity of the inflow airflow of the safety cabinet fluctuates by more than 20% of its nominal value, the interlocking system will start the alarm prompt.

  6. Interlock design of front window and germicidal lamp: when the front window is opened, the germicidal lamp is off.

  7. It has the function of parameter memory and calls recovery protected by power failure and data loss of dead state.

  8. The front suction inlet adopts the design of unimpeded return air to ensure that the formation of counter-current is effectively prevented and that safety is improved during the operation.

  9. Power supply in the cabinet: waterproof socket design, the whole machine has a power-off protection function, making the operation more flexible and convenient.

Biosafety Cabinet Class II for sale -Xunling

Biological Safety Cabinet Spec Datasheet

Model BSC1000II A2 BSC1300II A2 BSC1600II A2
Overall / External Size 1165*760*2200 mm 1465*760*2200 mm 1765*760*2200 mm
Workspace / Internal Size
1000*520*640 mm 1300*520*640 mm 1600*520*640 mm
Specification of Air Supply Filter 990*470*70 mm 1290*470*70 mm 1590*470*70 mm
Specification of Exhaust Air Filter 650*450*90 mm 830*450*90 mm 1130*450*90 mm
Specification and Quantity of Fluorescent Lamp / UV Lamp 30W*1/30W*1 40W*1/40W*1 40W*1/40W*1
Weight 230 kg 270Kg 300Kg
Cleanliness Grade HEPA: ISO level 5 (Class 100 of 100) / ULPA: ISO level 4 (class 10 of 10)
Filter level / Efficiency HEPA:≥99.995%,@0.3μm/ULPA:≥99.999%,@0.12μm
Descent Wind Speed 0.33m/s
Suction Air Speed 0.53m/s
Noise ≤65dB
Vibration Half Peak ≤5μm
Power / Maximum Power Consumption AC  220V/50Hz/ 120V/ 60Hz /1KW 
Biosafety Personnel Protection CFU of all impact samplers ≤ 10, CFU of slit samplers ≤ 5
Product Protection CFU of all sampling dishes ≤ 5
Cross Contamination Protection CFU of all culture dishes ≤ 2
Illuminance ≥900LX