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PCR Cabinets Laminar Flow Single Operator Type
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PCR Cabinets Laminar Flow Single Operator Type

These PCR Cabinets meet and exceed cleanness levels of ISO Class 5 and FS209E 100.
  • PCR Workstation

  • Xunling


UV PCR Cabinet Product Features

1: Provides aseptic work zone that meets and exceeds ISO Class 5 and FS209E100

2: Pre-installed germicidal UV lamp for sterilization

3: Equipped with Pre-filters, and HEPA/ULPA filters to prevent airborne contaminants 

4: Polycarbonate and polypropylene construction to reflect UV irradiating evenly

5: UV shelf with built-in pipettor holder

6: Lab event timer

7: Digital UV light time setting: 01-59 minutes

8: Complete assembled shipping, no need to install ductwork 

9: Support flexible airflow control

10: Energy saving LED lighting

11: Designed to use on desktop or install on an optional base stand or mobile cart. PCR Cabinet Supplier-Xunling

PCR Cabinet Safety Design

1: Real-time monitor temperature, humidity, filters loading, and UV lamp status

2: Visually and audibly alarming if Low airflow or working abnormal

3: Overlapping polycarbonate sash to avoid UV light exposure

4: The window and UV lamp are interlocked. 

If the sash is raised, automatically turns off the UV light and activates the fan   

5: Filters and electronics are placed above the workspace, preventing chemical spill pollution   

Airfow in the PCR Workstation

Airflow in PCR Workstation

1. Indoor air is filtered by electrostatic Pre-filter and pumped from A, particles equal to or larger than 0.5 microns will be removed there.

2. The Airflow continuously passes through the HEPA filter at B, particles equal to or larger than 0.3 microns will be removed here.

3. Cleaned Vertical Laminar Airflow blows down from C, and returns from D to the cabinet inside, keeping a sterile environment of ISO Class 5 and FS209E 100 standards.

4. The UV Lamp light will sterilize the living organisms on the pipetting gun, test tube, beaker, and other experimental instruments, avoiding any possible cross-contamination.

PCR Workstations Standard Spec

PCR80S (Standard Height) PCR80ST (Tall Version)
External Size W*D*H 820*650*740 mm 820*650*990 mm
Internal Size W*D*H 790*640*450 mm 790*640*700 mm
Max Purified Air Volume 5.6 m³/min
Lighting LED, 8W, 300 lux
UV Light 254 nm, 15W
Instrument rack L*W*H 820*650*864 mm
Sides and back Panel Polycarbonate
Blower / Fan EC Axial Flow Fan
Filter Efficiency >99.997℅ at aerosol and particulates of 0.3 μm (microns) or above
Cleanliness level ISO Class 5 and FS209E 100
Abnormal Alarm visually and audibly
Airflow Rate & Blower speed Adjustable

Why Choose Xunling PCR Workstation instead of any other competitor’s? 

As for a PCR Cabinet, the key issue is how to guarantee a completely sterile environment, and truly avoid cross-contamination. Because this will directly affect the experiment result accuracy. So the below tabulation shows us why select Xunling PCR Cabinet to do the job.

PCR Workstation Comparison Between Xunling and Another Competitor
Components Xunling PCR Cabinet  A Competitor Why Choose Xunling
Display DLTouch Control Screen ;
Integrated with Microcomputer controller;
LCD Button Control Xunling Displays Temperature, Humidity, Filtration Sys status, UV Lamp Status, Lighting, and Air Speed.
Touch Control Supported
Main Body Transparent Polycarbonate Cold-rolled steel with anti-bacteria powder coating ;
Plus 5mm toughened glass
1. Polycarbonate can 360°reflect UV light evenly, Inside the Xunling cabinet, the Left and Right, Front and Back, all Four sides can reflect UV light to all directions, making sure instruments placed in any position inside the cabinet are 100% sterilized. Truly avoid any potential cross-contamination. That's the key factor for a PCR Workstation.

2. Polycarbonate resists chemical corrosion and is Fireproof.
No UV light penetration.
Worktable Polypropylene 304 stainless steel PP can reflect UV light, and also resist strong Acids & alkalis, Anti Corrosion.
Stainless steel can absorb UV light, reducing UV light sterilizing effectiveness.
Noise ≤60dB  ≤65dB  More quietly
Real-time Monitoring Sys Developed OS Auto management system Not sure Integrated with own developed Monitoring and Management Sys:
Monitor Air Flow Speed and Filtration Effectiveness.
Providing Auto and Manual Airflow Speed Adjustment.
Alarming Sys Visually + Audibly Not sure Alarming against Low airflow and Filtration Abnormal Working Situation.
Appearance 360 ° Visual Transparent
Elegant and Beautiful
/ Perfect experience both in visual and operation