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PCR Cabinets Laminar Flow Single Operator Type
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PCR Cabinets Laminar Flow Single Operator Type

These PCR Cabinets meet cleaness standard of ISO Class 5 and FS209E 100.
  • PCR Workstation
  • Xunling

uv pcr cabinet Product Features

1: Provide non-hazardous contaminants work zone of ISO Class 5 and FS209E 100 

2: Pre-installed germicidal UV lamp for sterilization

3: Equipped with Pre-filters, and HEPA/ULPA filters to prevent airborne contaminants 

4: Polycarbonate and polypropylene construction to reflects UV irradiating evenly

5: UV shelf with built-in pipettor holder

6: Lab event timer

7: Digital UV light time setting :01-59 minutes

8: Complete assembled shipping, no need ductwork 

9: Support flexible airflow control

10: LED lighting

PCR Cabinet Safety Design

1: Real-time monitor temperature, humidity, filters loading, and UV lamp status

2: visually and audibly alarming if Low airflow or working abnormal

3: Overlapping polycarbonate sash to avoid UV light exposure

4: Window and UV lamp is interlocked. If sash is raised, automatically turns off UV light and activates fan   

5: Filters and electronics are placed above the workspace, preventing chemical spill pollution   

PCR Workstations standard spec

PCR80S (Standard Height)PCR80ST (Tall Version)
External Size W*D*H820*650*740 mm820*650*990 mm
Internal Size W*D*H790*640*450 mm790*640*700 mm
Max Purified Air Volume5.6 m³/min
LightingLED, 8W, 300 lux
UV Light254 nm, 15W
Instrument rack L*W*H820*650*864 mm
Sides and back PanelPolycarbonate
Blower / FanEC Axial Flow Fan
Filter Efficiency>99.997℅ at aerosol and particulates of 0.3 μm (microns) or above
Cleanliness levelISO Class 5 and FS209E 100
Abnormal Alarmvisually and audibly
Airflow Rate & Blower speedAdjustable