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Clean Bench Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods
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Clean Bench Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods

Vertical laminar flow hood provides filtered clean airflow moving downward from above to the work surface. This vertical laminar flow ultra-clean workbench is ideal for non-hazardous applications that require a clean work area. This compact, lightweight workbench provides positive pressure ISO Class 5 (Federal Class 100) ultra-clean airflow through the cabinet's work area and viewing window openings, isolating the cabinet's sensitive work areas from outside gaseous particulates. Because it takes up a little desktop space and is easy to install (as long as it is simply plugged in), the CBV80S/120S Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Bench is ideal for a "mobile clean area" in your lab.
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clean room clean bench Features 

1: Provide non-hazardous contaminants work zone of ISO Class 5 and FS209E 100 

2: Equipped with Pre-filters, and HEPA/ULPA filters to prevent airborne contaminants 

3: Lab event timer

4: Complete assembled shipping, no need ductwork 

5: LED lighting

6: Stable uniform filtered airflow with large area

7: Portable, compact and flexible design

8: Air volume adjustable system with high efficiency and low energy consumption 

9: Multi grade electric safety protection system

Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods (3)

clean air bench Standard Spec


(Standard Height)


(Tall Version)


(Standard Height)


(Tall Version)

External Size (mm)


820*650*740 mm 820*650*990 mm 1220*650*740 mm 1220*650*990 mm

Internal size (mm)


790*640*450 mm 790*640*700 mm 1190*640*450 mm 1190*640*700 mm
Max Purified Air Volume 5.6 m³/min 11.2m³/min
Lighting LED, 8W, 300 lux LED, 16W, 600lux
Airflow Direction Filtered clean airflow moving downward from above to the work surface
Sides and back Panel Polycarbonate
Blower / Fan EC Axial Flow Fan
Filter Efficiency >99.997℅ at 0.3 μm (micron)
Cleanliness level ISO Class 5 or FS209E 100
Abnormal Alarm visually and audibly
Airflow Rate & Blower speed Adjustable

Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods (4)

Clean Bench Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods Typical Applications

- Media flat coating

- Harmless cell culture

- Optics cleaning

- Plant Tissue Culture

- Trace metal analysis

- Electronic/Optical Components Testing and Assembly

- Aseptic synthesis