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pcr cabinet with uv light for sale

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  • Principle/ Working of Laminar flow hood


    The principle of laminar flow cabinet is based on the laminar flow of air through the cabinet.· The device works by the use of inwards flow of air through one or more HEPA filters to create a particulate-free environment.· The air is taken through a filtration system and then exhaust Read More

  • Laminar flow cabinet-parts types and uses


    A laminar flow hood/cabinet is an enclosed workstation used to create a contamination-free work environment by trapping all particles entering the cabinet through a filter.• • Designed to protect work from the environment, these cabinets are best suited for aseptic dispensing and plate dumping of sp Read More

  • PCR workstation application introduction


    In professional laboratories such as life sciences, biopharmaceuticals, disease control, and criminal investigation, PCR amplification experiments, as the most basic experimental content, occupies a pivotal position. Read More

  • What is PCR cabinet?


    Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a process where millions of copies of DNA are amplified from a single copy, or low copy number template. This reaction is fundamental to almost all applications requiring high copy number of starting material and is used in all laboratories working with DNA and RNA. Read More