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  • PCR: Specimen preparation area


    PCR: Specimen preparation areaThe main operations in this area are the preservation of clinical specimens, the extraction and storage of nucleic acids (RNA and DNA). Read More

  • PCR: Strict division of work area


    PCR: Strict division of work area(1) each experimental area is reasonably set;(2) each experimental area shall be clearly marked to avoid confusion of equipment, articles, reagents, etc. Read More

  • Plane layout of PCR Laboratory


    Plane layout of PCR LaboratoryIn principle, the clinical gene amplification laboratory is divided into four separate working areas: reagent storage and preparation area, sample preparation area, amplification reaction mixture preparation and amplification area. Read More

  • PCR laboratory design description


    The PCR laboratory is divided into four areas. Entry into each working area must be strictly in a single direction. Different working areas use different working clothes (for example, different colors). Read More

  • Laboratory decoration design concept


    The laboratory is an important place, which not only reflects the quality of education in our country, but also reflects the level of science and technology in our country. The laboratory level also directly reflects the level of education and science and technology in China. Read More