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extractor arm fume hoods supplier

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  • Precautions for the safe use of fume hoods


    Fume hood is an indispensable kind of laboratory furniture. It has the function of exhausting and ventilating in the laboratory. Various toxic and harmful gases, odors, moisture, flammable, explosive, and corrosive substances will be produced during the experiment operation. Read More

  • Lab fume hoods in centre for disease control and prevention


    Xunling has provided the center fume hoods since 2019, and Xunling lab fume hoods have been unanimously praised by their staff for the reliable quality and performance since then. Read More

  • Fume arm hood-one of the essential safety equipment in the laboratory


    Installation of individual fume extraction systems at the source of the pollutant during the working process prevents the spread of polluted air into the surroundings. A local exhaust system is therefore the best solution for a clean working environment. Read More