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emergency eye washer

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  • How are laboratory eye washers installed and used?


    Emergency eyewash​ is a device used for emergency flushing to relieve symptoms after chemical contamination of eyes, face, hands, skin and whole body. Emergency eyewash is also an essential part of a laboratory, and the installation of eyewash can effectively reduce the adverse consequences of accidents. Read More

  • The purpose of eyewash


    Eyewashes are mainly emergency rescue facilities used in toxic and hazardous working environments. When the eyes or body of the field operators are exposed to toxic, harmful and other corrosive chemicals, these devices can be used for eye and body. Read More

  • Classification of laboratory eyewashes


    The compound eyewash is an emergency rescue product equipped with a spray system and an eyewash system, which is directly installed on the ground for use. When chemical substances are splashed on workers' clothing or bodies, they can be washed with the spray system of the compound eye washer for at least 15 minutes. Read More