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Ductless Carbon-filtered Enclosure for Hazardous Fumes And Vapors
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Ductless Carbon-filtered Enclosure for Hazardous Fumes And Vapors

Xunling ductless carbon-filtered enclosures protect lab personnel from harmful fumes, vapors and particulates. It is a perfect solution for performing medium-to-low-volume applications with known chemicals.
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Ductless Carbon-filtered Enclosure for Hazardous Fumes And Vapors

Xunling ductless carbon filtered enclosure provides you a perfect workstaion to conduct chemical experiments.

It can filter out hazardous fumes out, and recirculating clean air back to room.

Ductless carbon filtered enclosure product advantages

1. No ductwork needed, easy to install, modern and environmental protection.

2. Optional filtration module system suitable to a variety of experiment needs.

3. Advanced module filtration technology, full absorption of toxic vapor, particle & dust, etc.

4. No consumption of air conditioning energy, high efficiently saving energy.

5. Moving conveniently, nearby storage, easy to access, to improve the work efficiency.

best ductless carbon-filtered enclosure-xunling

Ductless carbon filtered enclosure Standard Features 

★ DLTouch automatic safety controller 

★ Bonded carbon filtration

★ Integral base with deep spill lip

★ No ductwork required

★ Ready to use, just plugs directly into a standard electrical outlet

★ Clear polycarbonate shell for 360° visibility 

★ Extremely quiet operation < 60dBA

★ Integral vapor-proof white LED lighting as standard

★ Available in standard height or tall version

★ Power input 110V or 220V AC

Ductless carbon filtered enclosure Safety Features ductless carbon filtered enclosure manufacturer-Xunling

1. The filter and electronics are located above the workspace to eliminate chemical spills. 

2. Brushless, sparkless blower is post-filter. 

3. The deep base effectively contains accidental spills 

4. Low airflow alarm warns the user both visually and audibly

5. Filter safety lockout to ensure correct filter replacement

Ductless Carbon-filtered Enclosure Spec Sheet 






External Size


860*650*754 mm

860*650*1004 mm

1220*650*754 mm

1220*650*1004 mm

Internal size


830*627*430 mm

830*627*680 mm

1188*627*430 mm

1188*627*680 mm

Weight Kg

(Filters included)





Max Purified Air Volume

6 m³/min

12 m³/min


LED, 8W, 300 lux

LED, 16W, 600lux

Airflow Rate & Blower speed


Low air flow Alarm

Visually and Audibly

Main Materials

Polycarbonate and polypropylene

Filtration System

Prefilter, Organic Filter, Inorganic Filter,Formaldehyde filter,Ammonia filter,HEPA filter

( Based on your applied chemicals)

Monitoring & Alarming

Temperature, Humidity, Filters loading With visible and audible alarm

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